Decimal BASIC for Linux (Intel)

We provide with an ISO Full BASIC language system that works on Gnu/Linux (x86).
This program implements almost all of the core module and the graphics module of ISO Full BASIC.
It has not been conformed with the standard, whereas there are very few differences.
All graphics commands prescribed in ANSI Full BASIC are implemented with slight incompatibility on behavior.
Most part of the modules module and the individual character input module for Full BASIC are implemented, too.

Decimal BASIC for Linux(x86-64) ver. (64bit GTK2 Edition)

Download BASIC8126En_Linux64.tar.xz.

Note. Gtk2 vesion do not perform clipping for printer.

Trouble Shooting

Linux on ChromeBook
When extracted into the Linux files folder, basic may be invalided on execute permission.
On the linux termnal, move to the folder on which BASIC has been extracted, and then type
If the command is bypassed with Permission Denied, type on the terminal
sudo chmod 775 basic
and then

Decimal BASIC for Linux(x86-64) ver. (64bit Qt5 Edition)

Qt5 vesion perfoms clipping right, but requires Qt5Pas library.
Download BASIC8126En_Linux64_Qt5.tar.xz.

To install Qt5Pas

do on the terminal
sudo dnf install qt5pas
on Fedora 30,Fedora 31 Cinnamon,Fedora 31 KDE Plasma

do on the terminal
sudo apt install libqt5pas1
on Ubuntu 19.10, Ubuntu 20.04, Ubuntu 22.04.

Trouble shooting

Fedora31 Fedora32
To install qt and qt5pas, do
sudo dnf install qt5 qt5pas
on the terminal.
To launch BASIC, type on the terminal
./basic --platform xcb
Otherwise, select GNOME on Xorg on login by clicking the gear icon.

On the terminal, execute
sudo apt-get install qt5-default
and then, along with
Lazarus Wiki Qt5 Interface
download libqt5pas1_2.6.beta-5_amd64.deb from
and install.
Refer to Qt5 bindings for Ubuntu 18.04 (Lazarus Forum)

We can confirm the error message by executing on the terminal as
(1) error while loading shared libraries: libQt5Pas.so.1: …
Incomplete Qt5Pas library.
(2) … undefined symbol: QPrinterInfo_availablePrinterNames
Qt5Pas verison too old.
This happens on Ubuntu 18.04 after apt-get install libqt5pas1 executed.
(3) … Can only be used with threads started with QThread
This happens on Feodra 31.
<Reffer to>Free Pasacal Wiki Qt5_interface Systems using Wayland

Comparison between GTK2 editon and Qt5 edition
(tested on Fedora 31,Fedora31 KDE Plasma,
Fedora 31 Cinnamon,Ubuntu19.10 )
(PDFs Viewed with Adobe Reader on Windows )

〇 Ok  × NG
DestinationScreenPrinter (cups-pdf)
Edition GTK2  Qt5 GTK2Qt5
Clipping ×
TEXT BACKGROUND ×(always transparent) ×(always opaque)
Notice that PDF readers equipped on Linux OSs may not display correctly.                

To install cups-pdf, a printer driver which generates PDF files.
on Fedora,
sudo dnf install cups-pdf
on OUbuntu 18.10
sudo apt-get install cups-pdf

<Note. 2>On Fedora,
sudo dnf install gtk2.i686
sudo dnf install libxcrypt-compat.i686
enables 32 bit editions to execute.

Decimal BASIC for Linux(i386) ver. (32bit GTK2 Edition)

Download BASIC8126En.tar.gz.

Part of help files and sample programs are remaining not translated, written in Japanese.
See Help for Windows edition, more part of which may have been translated.

Change log
Ver. 8.0.0
Calculation and Drawing are separated into two threads.
Ver. 8.0.1
Fixed the bug that Cancel on the INPUT dialog caused to hang up.
Fixed the bug CHAIN statements did not recognize capital ".BAS" as a BASIC extension.
Fixed the bug Undo on the Edit menu did not work.
Inproved the precision of WAIT DELAY.
Fixed the fault on PROBLEX and PLOBLEMY functions.
Improved the accuracy of COS functrion.
Fixed the fault READ IF MISSING did not work when the number of data is incomplete.
Added printer graphics.
Fixed the bug that the Help button in the Graphics option dailog failed to work.
Set graphics coodinate system 16 bit for Linux, and 32 bit for Mac.
On printer graphics mode, SET BITMAP SIZE made execution prohibited.
On printer graphics mode, SET TEXT BACKGROUND shall be ignored.
The default font for printer shall be identical to that for screen.
On Graphics Option Dialog, sellection and setteing of the printer enabled.
Fixed the bug that the graphics pane might not be erased before next program ran.
Fixed the bug the font size for graphics might be irregular.
Fixed the fault that INPUT dialog might cause an error on Qt5.
Fixed the fault saving a program might cause an error , probably on the versions compiled with Lazarus 1.6.4.
Help reviced
Compiled with Lazarus 2.0.8
Fixed the bug Help search cannot act accurately when the program contains multi-byte characters.
Revised the syntax of constants that can be written without quotation marks in DATA statements.

Known Faults
(1) SET DRAW MODE (MASK, ..) works unstably.
(2) MOUSE POLL has a slight fault.
(3) Continual use of LOCATE VALUE makes break unavailable.

Decimal BASIC for Linux(i386) ver. 6.5.12 (Kylix Qt2 Edition)

Download page

Decimal BASIC main page (Windows version available)

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