FAQs on Full BASIC and Decimal BASIC

Beginners FAQ
Why won't a program be saved?                    
Why won't a command be launched while the Enter key is pressed?
Where are the sample programs?                
Why does a program result in Syntax Error?
Why is an execution result strange?
ON ERROR GOTO raises extype10001.
Overflow errors (extype1002, extype1003)

Elementary Samples
Elementary sample programs
Fundamental Algorithms
Major Algorithms included in sample programs         
Plot a Function Graph
How to plot a log graph
Statistics Programs  

Numerical Calculations and Statistical Works
Numerical Values in Full BASIC
Arithmetic Modes in Decimal BASIC
A question about Accuracy
How to find a cubic root
How to calculate the factorial of 10000 (10000!) 
Approximation using rational operation                
Round to Nearest Even
Sort Library
Random Numbers with the Standard Normal Distribution    
Replace the random number generator

Draw-line command not influenced by any other graphics command 
Draw a curve with dots or dashes  
Draw an Area with a Hatch pattern
How to draw a sector graph
How to make a smooth animation
Coordinate system on which a graphics command depends
and effects of transformation
Elementary Projective Transformation  
3D Graphics in Full BASIC    
Transformation on the complex plane
How to Draw Anamorphosis
How to put Italic faced letters onto graphics          
Metafile Graphics
How to make a PostScript file.

I/O and Files
Exception Handling of PRINT USING
Outputting format characters in PRINT USING
Read a text file that ends with a comma
Read a line where an exception occurred again
Why data written by WRITE can not be read by READ ?
Read a text file that was made by MAT PRINT
Cooperation with a spreadsheet about array data
Manipulate a Binary File
Make or Read WAV-files  

Description of Algorithm
Features of BASIC
Overlapping of identifiers
IF-block and IF-statement
Write out a program file to execute it
関数と副プログラム ~Full BASICの急所~
Full BASICでできないこと
拡張命令 LOCAL文

Decimal BASIC
How to make a program fast
Supplement to BASIC Help
Effects of Decimal BASIC Compatibility Options
Full BASIC構文規則の読み方

Windows version of Decimal BASIC
Unicode characters
How can we use a COM-port (or RS-232C)?
Control an external device
Coloring letters outputted by PRINT statements
Alter positions or sizes of windows
"Save As" dialog and "Yes No" dialog
Huge bit array
Bitwise operations AND,OR,XOR,IMP,EQV
Using Win32 API or DLLs

Environment Settings of Decimal BASIC on Windows
Revice the BAS file association
Windows VistaでAeroを無効化したときの描画不良対策
LAN環境で使う (コンピュータ教室向きの設定)

About Decimal BASIC System
Differences among Decimal BASIC each OS editions  
Can we generate EXE-files?  
Where are the source files?
PDAのLinux(あるいは Windows CE)で使えますか?
十進BASIC FAQ( Full BASIC文法)                
十進BASIC 内部構造                    

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