Decimal BASIC for Windows

Download for Windows 7/8/10/11

BASIC7868E.zip (Ver.   Nov. 4, 2023) (1,072,244 Bytes)

BASIC.exe can not run properly within a ZIP folder.
Open the zip file, right-click the BASICw32 folder to copy,
and then paste it into any regular folder like User's Desktop, Documents, or a USB flash drive.

Open the BASICw32 folder and then double-click BASIC.exe to launch BASIC.
BASIC.exe may be shown as follows in Windows Explorer.

On Windows 7, 8 or 10, you may encounter the screen like below.

Click More info, and then click Run Anyway.

When you click the Help button, you may encounter the trouble as below.

Use Windows Explorer to double-click BASIC.chm.

Uncheck Always ask before opening this file and then click Open.

cf. Microsoft Support Online

Revision history

Ver. 7.4.3
PLOT TEXT was made to deal with projective transformation.
Ver. 7.4.4
Fixed the bug an array of size 4294967296 or its multiple caused an internal error.
Ver. 7.4.5
Fixed the bug a numeric primary attached before CON or IDN was evaluated after CON or IDN had been made.
Fixed the bug incorrect change was made on stack overflow check in 7.4.4.
Ver. 7.4.6
Fixed the bug of power operations on the decimal or 1000-digit decimal mode.
Fixed the bug that a program including an incorrect nest of block structures caused an internal error on compiling.
Fixed the bug that a REMAINDER function caused an internal error on the rational operation mode.
Fixed the bug string variables in local or external procedures caused memory leaks.
Ver. 7.4.7
CSV files which contains null numeric items was made to be able to be read as internal files.
Ver. 7.5.0
Added 3 original enhancements, 4-dim arrays, complex number coordinates in PLOT statements, and point styles 6 and 7.
Ver. 7.5.1
Fixed the bug MAT PLOT CELLS did draw images at wrong positions in a viewport.
Ver. 7.5.2
Fixed the bug PRINT and INPUT could be used in the channel opened with RECTYPE CSV.
Fixed the bug the values that the string variable in a ASK PIXEL ARRAY got were reversed.
Fixed the bug MAT PLOT CELLS did not draw the cell to which the color index was incorrect.
Improved the performance in the input of a file that has long records.
Ver. 7.5.3
Fixed the bug PLOT statements could have both single complex coordinates and coordinate pairs.
Ver. 7.5.4
Fixed the bug LOCATE CHOICE and LOCATE CHOICE(1) was not identical.
LOCATE VALUE(2), .. , LOCATE VALUE(5) added.
Ver. 7.5.5
Corrected the behavior of CHARACTER INPUT NOWAIT.
Modified the behavior of SET DRAW MODE EXPLICIT.
Ver. 7.5.6
Fixed the bug that MAT INPUT for a variable length vector yielded EXTYPE 7318.
Ver. 7.5.7
Fixed the bug that ASK PIXEL SIZE returned negative numbers in inverted coordinates.
Ver. 7.5.9
Fixed the bug that pamameters of a procedure have the precision of intermediate results.
Ver. 7.6.1
Modified the fault on the DOT function on the complex mode.
Ver. 7.6.2
Added original enhancements ASK TEXT FONT and ASK TEXT BACKGROUND.
Ver. 7.6.3
Added original enhancement FILE GETDIRECTORYNAME.
Decreasd Virtual Stack Memery amount to suppress irregular behavior of file dialogs.
Added MEM_TOP_DOWN option in the invocation of VirtualAlloc API.
Ver. 7.6.4
Added the Environment Option, where the amount of Virtual Stack Memory can be changed.
Ver. 7.6.5
Fixed the bug that OPEN statements executed in a recursive subprogram caused a system error.
Reduced the maximum system stack size to 26 MBytes in order to lessen malfunction of open or save dialogs.
New type file dialogs which use IFileDialog interface can be selected.
Current directory can be selected for the initial directory from where program files are opened.
Ver. 7.6.6
Added an image file type PNG.
Modified the behavior in multi-monitor environment.
Fixed the faults in new type file dialogs.
Ver. 7.6.7
Added original enhancements MAKE DIRECTORY and REMOVE DIRECTORY.
Fixed the bug that internal procedures of the main program could be invoked from an external procedure.
Ver. 7.7.0
Added two compatibility options.
Fixed the fault the text height changes when the cordinate changes.
increased the acuracy of the WAIT DELAY in milliseconds.
Ver. 7.7.1
Fixed the fault that precision of the text height decreased in some situation.
Ver. 7.7.2
DRAW MODE MASK(MERGE, XOR, NOTXOR) has been validated for the text drawn by PLOT TEXT.
Ver. 7.7.3
Fixed the fault 0 divided by 0 yielded EXTYPE=3005 on the binary mode.
Ver. 7.7.4
Fixed the fault that EXTYPE might be wrong.
Ver. 7.7.5
Fixed the bug a WAIT DELAY statement followed by a numeric variable caused an internal error.
Ver. 7.7.6
Fixed the bug that SET LINE STYLE 0 did not act as demanded by the standard.
Ver. 7.7.7
Fixed the bug that negative indices were improperly rounded.
Ver. 7.7.8
Fixed the bug that USING$ functions with empty strings raised internal errors.
Fixed the fault about execution of SETUP.bat.
Ver. 7.8.0
Increased performance of PRINT statements onto the screen.
Ver. 7.8.1
Increased the number of LOCATE VALUE slide bars.
Ver. 7.8.2
Fixed the fault on the PAUSE statement.
Ver. 7.8.3
Improved the precision of display strings on the binary operation mode.
Ver. 7.8.4
Fixed the bug CHAIN statements may yield step execution.
Improved the resolution on WAIT DELAY.
Fixed the fault accuracy of the COS function did not agree with Full BASIC standard.
Fixed the fault READ IF MISSING did not work when the number of data is incomplete.
Fixed the bug LINE STYLE interfered PLOT AREA.
Fixed the fault on the EXECUTE stsatement.
The initaial value for MARGIN was changed to 2400.ion option menu, option settings initilize needed)
On Decimal Thousand Digit mode, the significance-width was changed to 2034.
Fixed the fault that LOCATE VALUE and LOCATE CHOICE blocked generation of text output.
Fixed typos.
Fixed the bug the PROGRAM statement could not handle array parameters.
Fixed the fault that SET BITMAP SIZE 1,1 yielded instability.
Fixed the fault on the E-format of numeric vlues.
Enabled arrays redimensioned to size zero.
Fixed the fault that non-fatal exceptions were not reported.
Made intenal files serve in the complex mode and in the rational mode.
Fixed the fault in non-fatal exceptions on the USING$ function and the PLOT TEXT USING statement.
Fixed the lack of value reports in non-fatal exceptions on the USING$ function and the PLOT TEXT USING statement.
Breaking at nonfatal exception raised aboloished.
Fatal errors are to be reported into the TRACE window.
End of lines are to be determined by default for true files.
Revised the syntax of constants that can be written without quotation marks in DATA statements.

Decimal BASIC

Decmal BASIC is capable of manipulating UTF-8 characters.
Download BASIC8126En_Win.zip ,
and extract into a regular folder whose path name has no space characters.
And then set the Option-Compatibility-Behavior-"Unit of String Operation" to "character".

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